Virtual training vs venue-based training

with Griffin Care Training

Virtual Training

Since the Covid-19 lockdowns in March 2020, training has had to adapt to a whole new world.

We are very proud of our response to the pandemic, the overnight switch to adapt our courses to work on remote platforms meant we didn't have to cancel a single session, and if anything, we took more bookings that ever. A testament to the hard work and versatility of our trainers.

Since March 2020 we have been able to deliver all of our catalogue of courses remotely via Zoom and Teams. We can host sessions commissioned directly and we also host 'open' courses for anyone to buy places on to - our open Safeguarding Awareness, Children's Mental Health and DSL courses have been particularly popular. 


We have launched a number of e-learning courses on the website. There are the exact courses we've run up and down the country to countless customers for over a decade - just recorded! These courses don't have the interaction of our remote or venue-based courses but they do mean you can complete the course around your schedule, pause as often as you like and you have a full month to complete the course.

Back to the classroom?

A question we are being asked more and more is 'Will you go back to the classroom?'. The simple answer is yes and no.

Yes we will definitely start hosting our sessions in a classroom setting again, some people learn far easier in a classroom environment. Some courses work better when groups can interact and participate in activities within a room setting, so putting on sessions in a venue makes sense.

We will also be keeping the remote side of the training too. Since the enforced switch to remote platforms, we have been able to reach customers further than ever before, we now deliver training for councils, schools, care homes and nurseries up and down the country and even beyond. The environmental benefits of doing our training sessions remotely are a key consideration of keeping roughly two thirds of our training online. 

The feedback we have received from our online courses has been excellent, and our trainers have adapted the course content to optimize the remote platforms and deliver truly excellent and moving courses. Our customers find the convenience of the training, not having to sort childcare and not having to travel really suits their needs.

In additional to the convenience of remote training, we have conducted a study which found that on average, over the span of our 5-day Core Skills courses with an average attendance of 15 delegates, a local authority will save 90 hours of work time to travel alone, time which was previously wasted.

Overall, we are looking forward to going back to the classroom and seeing our delegates live in person, but we're also very happy with the convenience and efficiency of the online courses too - so we're keeping both. 

Get your training now - both virtual, e-learning and venue-based