What our customers say about us

Customer service and satisfaction is incredibly important to us. Making sure our learners feel comfortable and supported throughout their training journey is a key component to development and it's the foundation of our whole company.


Have a look at what our customers have to say about us:

“It was really well delivered.  First remote course I’ve done and it worked really well.”

-Headteacher on our Live DSL Course April 2020


“It was really purposeful.  I liked how the remote training was organised – it ran smoothly and efficiently. It was good that we could still communicate with the other attendees.”

-Headteacher on our Children's Mental Health Awareness Course June 2020

“[Trainer] was great. Very knowledgeable and very helpful.  Had lots of good examples and got everyone involved.  Even the user who had no microphone facility. “

- Nursery managers on our Children's Mental Health Awareness Course June 2020

"Very good course, the instructor had so much knowledge.

- Teacher on our Anytime Online Safeguarding Awareness Course August 2020


"Great course...thanks for making this available online. Important knowledge - but the ability to access at a convenient time makes all the difference"

- Headteacher on our Anytime Online DSL Course September 2020

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