Children's Mental Health

Who should take this course?

This course is aimed at anyone who has frequent interaction with children as part of their job role. Recent updates to safeguarding legislation now includes mental health within Safeguarding Children.

Holding Hands
  • Written & Presented by our Specialist with 20 years experience in Children's Services training

  • Fully online course

  • Course duration: 1.5 hours

  • Certificate is sent out immediately upon completion

  • Full audio commentary - exact same course as we use in venues across the country

  • Accredited by Probatus

The course

This Mental Health Awareness & Support for children and young people training session is designed to equip staff with the knowledge to spot signs and symptom of mental health issues occurring in children and the tools to deal with the situation.

Once purchased, the course subscription lasts for a month, simple click on Your Courses to begin. Within that time you can access the course freely. The course is made up of video modules comprised of audio commentary of our Children's Mental Health presentation, hosted by our safeguarding specialist. Once you have completed the video modules your certificate will then be sent out to you via email. 

Sample Safeguarding Awareness Certificat

What the course covers

•Consider what we mean by term mental health and the spectrum

•The impact of Covid-19 on Children's Mental Health

•Examine the common mental health problems children and young people experience including depression, anxiety disorders, self-harm and eating disorders and trauma (PTSD)

•Gain ability to spot some of the early signs and symptoms of mental ill health

•Know how to provide an immediate and effective response including with confidence and by using non-judgmental active listening skills

•Provide an introduction to how to support children and young people experience mental health issues

•An introduction to the importance of self-care and how to look after your own mental health and wellbeing

•Where and when to seek help

Griffin Partner Course

This course has been delivered and recorded by one of our trusted training partners. We are proud to work along side and support independent specialist trainers and provide a platform to share their knowledge. The course carries the same accreditation as all of our courses.

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