Leaving Care Services Peer Review Services

Pre-inspection audits and peer reviews of services to Care leavers

There has been a growing body of research that evidences that young people leaving care are among the most vulnerable in our society. As young care leavers move into adulthood, they bring experiences that are significantly different from that of other young people.

Care leavers:

· Begin to live independently at a much earlier age

· Have lower level of educational attainments

· Are more likely to be unemployed

· Are more likely to experience homelessness and to live in poverty

· Are more likely to experience teenage parenthood

Volume 3: Planning Transitions to Adulthood for Care Leavers: Statutory Guidance on the Care Leavers (England) Regulations 2010 are intended to ensure that care leavers are given the same level of care and support their peers would expect from a reasonable parent and that they are provided with the opportunities and chances needed to help them move successfully to adulthood.

Research and practice show that those leaving care supported according to the following three principles have the best chance of successful transition to adulthood:

I.          Quality of service provision

II.          giving chances and opportunities where needed

III.          tailoring services  to individual’s needs

Griffin Care has an established team of peer reviewers and mentors specialising in the needs of Care Leavers and the requirements of services in meeting those needs. Our review team will work with you to undertake a pre or mock –inspection/ analysis of:

Your workforce:


Auditing Staff files; qualifications; induction processes; supervision policy and practice; recording; training needs analysis and annual training plan

Your policies and procedures:

For example:

Health and Safety policy; Risk assessments; Safeguarding policy; Anti bullying policy; Whistleblowing policy ; Missing from Care ;Physical intervention policy (if applicable); Medication policy ; Out of Hours procedure (for both staff and young people)

Your recording practice :


Child Protection Log ; Risk assessment format ;Social work visit recording; Allowance recording; Personal allowance recording ;Emergency arrangements

The reviewer(s) will undertake off site analysis and on site assessment including service user feedback; stakeholder analysis; staff/young person workshops.

Following the review you will be given a comprehensive improvement plan tailored to the needs of your individual organisation which can then be shared with Ofsted, as required, to evidence continuous service improvement and development. You will be offered the opportunity of working with your peer mentor to ensuring that the improvement plan is robustly implemented and the identified outcomes are evidenced.


For further information or to discuss any specific requirements please contact our enquiry team : enquiries@griffincare.co.uk

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