Griffin Care supports Forever Angels

Griffin Care supports Forever Angels

There are thousands of orphaned and abandoned children in Africa, often due to AIDS. In Tanzania, about 10% of the population carry the HIV virus. As a result of this, many babies and young children lose their mothers whilst still nursing. Other parents are simply too sick or too poor to care for their children. Traditionally, their extended family would help support these vulnerable children, but with the AIDS epidemic effectively stripping away this support network, more and more of these babies are remaining in families that are simply unable to care for them and so they often die from starvation or disease. Others are abandoned or left in Government hospitals to die alone.


Forever Angels Baby Home is dedicated to looking after and giving love to young orphaned and abandoned infants who have no one else to care for them.

Griffin Care is proud to sponsor some of the fantastic work undertaken by Forever Angels.

For more information visit Forever Angels Website


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