Emotional Freedom Technique Training

Emotional Freedom Technique Training

There is much speculation in the media about the current procedures and methods of coping strategies offered to children and adults suffering with stress and anxiety related health issues. Past and present practices include psychotherapy, counselling and in most cases, the, so it seems, answer to all problems, prescribed medication and anti- depressants.

It was only 10 years ago that the current and now most widely used method of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy was introduced, as an easy to train, cost effective solution to dealing quickly and effectively with the increasing numbers of both child and adult sufferers of depression and emotional health problems. Sadly, although this practice is widespread within the health and social care system, the number of people waiting to access CBT or therapy type treatment sessions is on the increase and many are being told that they will have to wait up to 5 months and are hopelessly left to deal with their mental and emotional problem in the meantime.

It comes as a small glimmer of hope, therefore,  that there is a  new kid on the block known as EFT or Energy psychology, and  although it has been around and presented some outstanding clinical results, for nearly 25 years,  is now beginning to get the much deserved attention and interest from medical and clinical research professionals.

EFT also known as ’tapping’ is the practice of combining somatic stimulation with cognitive restructuring, or in lay man’s terms, tapping gently in the acupressure points whilst acknowledging and talking about  a physical or emotional issue.

Although the technique is so simple that children can be taught to apply it independently, it has proven so powerful that positive clinical outcomes have shown that EFT can effectively alleviate a multitude of issues including trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, anger management, phobias, depression, and addictions and has also been proven to support noticeable improvement in school work and sport performance.

This new technique could be the solution to a list of problems in many ways, firstly it has proven in a recent study to bring about the same positive results in its participating clients as CBT, and surprisingly, in less sessions, thus highlighting its time and cost effectiveness. Secondly, its ability to significantly change the cognitive behaviour of its users of any age and in any circumstance demonstrates its ability to offer solution to many issues and quite frankly does do what it says on the tin by offering ‘Emotional Freedom’.

But by far the best thing  about this quirky yet fascinating technique is that not only is it drug free, safe and highly effective but the training is easily  accessible and its practice is very easily self-applied.

Thousands of teachers, care workers, social carers, medical professionals and non – professionals are now seeing the benefits and positive effects that this method can bring, and are training in this method of practice themselves. Not only does it offer substantial benefits to personal development as a quick and easy intervention to managing personal stress and other emotional issues, but by training in EFT themselves, they are able to integrate a foundation  knowledge of psychology in to their work and offer practical  solution to many problems faced by both adults and children alike.

It is only on a rare occasion that a new intervention comes around that can offer benefits that seem too good to be true, but it makes sense that when they do, to grab them with both hands and embrace the potentials that  they  bring along with them.

It is my understanding that it is only a matter of time until the intervention of Emotional Freedom Technique will be in all mainstream schools, hospitals, health centres and organisations offering a, much needed, preventative solution to the problems we are facing in present times.

Griffin Care Ltd offer full certified training, workshops and private therapy sessions in EFT- Energy Psychology, if you would like any further information about EFT or training please contact ian@griffincare.co.uk

Courses in Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Preston, Wrexham and further afield.

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