Dorcas O Akeju (OBE) & Aderonke (Ronnie) Gibertson

Both Dorcas and Ronnie are highly experienced midwifes that have strived for both clinical and emotional support from women who have had female genital mutilation (FGM) and are members of the FGM National Clinical Group. Their work has seen the creation of ‘The Link Clinic’ which provides antenatal care to women who do not speak English, this clinic not only allows women to access the support they require but also provides outreach work within communities with the aim of decreasing the prevalence of FGM. Dorcas was recognised for her work in 2003 with an OBE for her services to the NHS and the community, having retired from her clinical work Dorcas now sits on a number of advisory boards including that of the Royal Collage of Midwives. Again both Ronnie and Dorcas are able discuss the issues around FGM not only from a strategic perspective but also from a practical angle providing the insight they have gained through their own clinical work and work within affected communities.

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