Child Protection Training Child Safeguarding Training

Child Protection Training Child Safeguarding Training

Child Safeguarding Training Child Protection Training

Stop child abuse – the 5 year anniversary of Peter Connelly’s death

Yesterday, 3rd August was the 5 year anniversary of the tragic death of Baby Peter Connolly, at the time the  government committed to making the safeguarding of children and child protection a priority.

Commenting on the 5 year anniversary, BASW professional officer Nushra Mansuri said:

 “There were many public declarations following the sad and lonely death of Baby Peter Connolly, which we hoped would prove to be a watershed moment for the profession, by providing vital support to social workers undertaking this difficult work. 

“Sadly, as every child protection social worker would testify, child abuse is an unsavoury fact of life, and will never be eradicated. However, 5 years on, children’s services have deteriorated, despite the input of the social work reform board and a well-intentioned government sponsored review led by Professor Eileen Munro that offers a blueprint for much needed change, as well as progress towards establishing a College of Social Work. 

“Yet without the necessary resources to do the work effectively, there is a danger of the Munro review becoming just a mirage in the desert.  So much has been promised, and yet so little is being offered apart from more cuts to services. 

“We can only despair as Munro suggests more preventative services, and members report closures of community facilities. The government continues to issue new policy and guidance while failing to look adequately at the creaking and heaving social work service. The government’s fixation with adoption and ‘troubled’ families is merely diverting money away from vital resources towards pointless posturing.

“Keeping children safe is a challenging task, particularly when abuse often occurs behind closed doors, sometimes without any agencies like social services, police, schools or health professionals being involved. 

“Child abuse continues to happen in our society and in every society, and this is all the more reason to ensure that child protection services are given absolute priority, so that we can strive towards preventing as many fatalities as possible.

 “Children are continuing to die at the hands of abusers, and until we have more resources and can work together to prevent such tragedies, the number of fatalities will continue to grow.”


Safeguarding children from child abuse is everyone’s responsibility, it is imperative that we all know what to look for and what to do when we suspect a child is being abused. Child abuse is not someone else’s job, you are not there just to teach the child, just to assess the child, just to work with the parents. YOUR vigilance and determination might just stop the next  child from being  abused and ultimately killed.

Val Griffin

Griffin Care

4th August 2012

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