Child Protection Training Child Safeguarding Training Liverpool

Child Protection Training Child Safeguarding Training Liverpool

Child Protection Training Child Safeguarding TRaining Liverpool

New learning from serious case reviews: a two year report for 2009-2011 published by the Department for Education shows interesting reading.


How many children die as a result of maltreatment?

Drawing on the serious case review notifications from 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2010 the estimated number of violent and maltreatment-related deaths of children (0-17 years) in England is around 85  per year. Of these, around 50-55 are directly caused by violence, abuse or neglect, and there are a further 30-35 in which maltreatment was considered a contributory factor, though not the main cause of death.

The overall rates of Serious Case Reviews relating to fatal cases have remained relatively stable over the past 5 years. The highest risks remain in infancy, although a second peak is seen in adolescence.

The importance of understanding the impact of neglect

Neglect is a background factor in the majority of serious case reviews (60%), and for children of all ages not just the younger children. Although neglect is uncommon as the main cause of death in children, it is a  feature in the majority of deaths related to but not directly caused by maltreatment, including sudden infant deaths and suicide, and in over a quarter of homicides and fatal physical assaults. Neglect was the main reason for undertaking a serious case review in 11% of the non-fatal cases, but also featured in 58% of other non- fatal cases, including physical abuse and sexual abuse.

Griffin Care’s child protection/safeguarding children course looks at  the impact of neglect on brain development and stresses the importance of early help and support.

Profile of the parent

Almost 60% of the mothers were under 21 years of age when they had their first child. The vulnerability of many of these young mothers, who were children themselves when they had their first baby, is acknowledge but  vulnerability can be lasting and  there may be other stress factors  and risks of harm when these young first time mothers go on to have more children. This area is covered in Griffin Care’s child protection course when the serious case review appertaining to Peter Connelly is analysed.

Disabled children

The enhanced vulnerability of disabled children is becoming well recognised and was a feature in 12% of these serious case reviews. The risk of harm went unrecognised in these cases, sometimes where the family presented as loving and cooperative. The child protection and disabled children component of the safeguarding children course  looks at the particular vulnerabilities of disabled children, how abuse can be hidden and the impact of societal and professional attitudes on the disabled child.  

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